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With Sales Enablement

Wednesday July 13, 2022
7:30 PM GMT +4

Succeeding With Sales Enablement

In this digital age, Sales Enablement is key when it comes to empowering your sales team to close deals and grow business.

But Sales Enablement is more than just a few shiny tools for your team to use.

In this webinar, we’ll be covering how you can drive sales conversions and increase revenue by evolving the way you approach sales, empowering yourself and your team with advanced tools automation, and the skills you need to nurture when training your team


What you'll learn

Who is it for

What you'll get

A Webinar Designed to Develop Sales

1- Importance of the Hiring Process

Understand what to look for when expanding your team

2- What Tools to Use And Why:

Get a look at a complete Sales Enablement infrastructure and how it’ll impact your sales process

3- What Playbooks to Build:

Acquire a deep understanding of the role playbooks have in the selling process and which playbooks you need to have

4- Types of Training to Include:

Optimize your onboarding and representative development with better training to focus on enhancing your team’s core sales skills

This Webinar is essential
for you if you are a:

BDR or AE:

Looking to find tools to limit their admin work, sell better, and enable themselves to close and win more deals

Sales Manager: 

Looking to understand what it takes to empower your team to focus on selling and closing deals

SVP or VP of Sales

Looking to ease pressure on their department and accelerate their sales lifecycles

BDR Manager:

Looking to empower their team to convert more and drive company growth


Looking to build automated systems to focus their department’s resources on winning deals, increasing revenue, and getting the data they need to optimize sales efforts

Digital Marketer:

Looking to understand their sales colleagues’ work and how they can help set them up for success

This webinar is appropriate for any level of expertise and everyone looking to improve their sales structure with sales enablement tools.


Tools to Start Immediately:

  1. Tool List – Save on some research time and start checking out the leading tools
  2. Objection Handling Playbook – Start building out your Playbooks with a few examples ready to go
  3. Sales Enablement Assessment – Score your current infrastructure and see how you could improve


Meet the speaker

This is Aline- meet the speaker

Aline is a an enthusiastic and optimistic sales professional with over 13 years of experience expanding over different industries. She has a background in marketing communication and master’s degree in finance. She is skilled at developing and maintaining client relationships and highly committed to working with a team to achieve quotas.

Also, She is now a sales director at Hovi SMarketing Platform, a SaaS solution, with a mission to change the way digital sales and marketing operate.

Fun fact: Aline loves travelling? Why does that matter? Well, it means that she’s open to exploring new cultures as it affects business decisions and personal growth, she says.

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