Building a Conversion
Focused Website

Part 2 – Execution

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 9
8:00 pm GMT+4

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Part 2 – Execution of the website

In this 3-part webinar series, we’ll be giving you the knowledge, expertise, and skills needed to build a top-notch, conversion-focused website to lead in your industry. The knowledge and skills you gain will benefit you in your day to day job and strategically within your organization.

In our second part, you will learn how to utilize your tools, research, and new methodology and mindset to execute your conversion-focused website-build – master the engine that will drive conversions.

Stay tuned for part 3 in the coming weeks as we will be breaking down the process and the various essential steps you’ll need to go live with a bang!

What you'll learn

Who is it for

What you'll get

A Webinar designed to develop true professionals. You’ll learn:

1- The Anatomy and Technical Components:

Learn how to set up a website server, use a CDN, & choose the right CMS for your business.

2- User Journey:

Get a deep understanding of user flow analysis as well as cookie tracking mechanisms and how to use them.

3- Website Optimization:

Learn how to improve the performance of your website by gaining an understanding of errors, troubleshooting, navigation patterns, and performance optimization .

4- SEO Optimization:

Acquire everything you need to know about the art and science of getting your pages to rank higher on search engine results pages. Get taken through on-page and off-page SEO as well as the best practices for building your domain authority.

This Webinar is essential
for you if you are a:

Senior Marketer:

Unsure of what tools to use to execute their strategy and complement their content strategy

Web Developer: 

Looking to facilitate your understanding of the functionality that your marketing team requests

Junior Marketer

Looking for the ability to understand what it takes to build a website and acquire the ability to get there.

Web+Graphic Designers:

Trying to facilitate your understanding of the design briefs sent your way by your marketing team

Digital Marketer:

Establishing your in-depth understanding with a 360 view on all the components of a website..

This webinar is appropriate for any level of expertise and everyone looking to improve how they plan, execute, and launch a conversion driven website.  


Show off your hard-earned skills
strengthen your profile:

LinkedIn found that people who add credentials to their profile receive 6x more profile views than those who don’t.

Upon completing all 3 parts of the webinar series, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Hovi Academy. 

Add your certificates to your profile, share your accomplishments with the world, and join our Hovi community. 


Meet the speakers

Bob Sabra
Chief executive officer, The Hovi 

Bob is a DMI Certified Digital Marketing Trainer and holds an award for highest rated DMI instructor in the region. He’s a SaaS expert and CEO of Hovi SMarketing Platform, a SaaS solution, with a mission to change the way digital sales and marketing operate.  

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