Hovi Frequency Ep. 25 – E-Commerce CRMs: What Are They Really?

In this episode, Rami sits down with Hovi Digital Lab‘s resident e-commerce expert to go through what e-commerce CRMs are. They’ll cover the main benefits of having an e-commerce CRM integrated with your online store, the difficulties you may face when setting one up and how to deal with them, and what its role will be in enhancing your online sales operations. Also, Rami and Mohamad dive into what to look for when on the hunt for an e-commerce CRM and how they differ from the more commonly known ‘regular’ CRMs. Mohamad also points out the key features you’ll want to look for in your e-commerce CRM and how to compare the different software you might be looking at now or want to look at in the future. And, as always, stay till the end to hear some tips from our expert on the process.