What is Sales Really About with Enes Mece – Hovi Frequency Ep. 27

In today’s episode of The Hovi Frequency, host Rami is joined by sales expert Enes Mece via Zoom to tackle the question: What is sales? This is a question that plagues many new salespeople, as well as seasoned veterans in the industry.

Rami and Enes dive deep into this topic, exploring the various definitions and elements of sales and how a salesperson’s mindset can significantly impact their work. They discuss the importance of being open to experimentation and learning on the job, and how building the right skillset can set you up for success in a sales position.

Throughout the conversation, Rami and Enes share practical tips and insights based on their own experiences in sales, offering valuable advice for anyone looking to improve their sales skills or understand more about what sales is all about. They also address common misconceptions about sales and discuss the importance of building trust and relationships with clients.

Overall, this podcast offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the world of sales, providing valuable insights and practical tips for anyone looking to improve their skills or understand more about what it takes to succeed in this field.